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The LIST – Celebrities photographed on Triumphs Motorcycles

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The LIST – Celebrities photographed on Triumph’s Motorcycles

Celebrities, stars, and models photographed or captured on film  upon a Triumph Motorcycle. It’s quite amazing how many movies have chosen a Triumph as their lead motorcycle.

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1950’s – In the Movies 

1953 The Wild One -Marlin Brando

1953-Marlin-Brand-The-Wild-One-01 1953-Marlin-Brand-The-Wild-One-03

1960’s – In the Movies

1963 These Are The Damned – Shirley Anne Field & Oliver Reed
1964 The Great Escape – Steve McQueen
1966 The Swinger – Ann-Margret
1968 Coogans Bluf – Clint-Eastwood / 1968 The Mini Skirt Mob – Diane McBain


1964-Steve-McQueen-The-Great-Escape_01 1964-Steve-McQueen-The-Great-Escape_03

MBDSWIN EC012 1966-Ann-Margret--The-Swinger_02

1968-Coogans-Bluf-Clint-Eastwood 1968-Diane-McBain-The-Mini-Skirt-Mob

1970’s – In the Movies

1970 R.P.M. – Ann Margret & Anthony Quinn

1970-RPM_Ann_Margret_Anthony_Quinn-01 1970-RPM_Ann_Margret_Anthony_Quinn-02

1974-1984-Henry-Winkler-Happy-Days 1975-Warren-Beatty-Shampoo

 . . . Who cares if The Fonz couldn’t ride; he was just cool.


1980’s – In the Movies

1982 An Officer and a Gentleman – Richard Gere

An-Officer-and-a-Gentleman-Richard-Gere-02 An-Officer-and-a-Gentleman-Richard-Gere-01

1990’s – In the Movies

1993 Nowhere To Run – Jean Claude Van Damme
1995 Wallace and Gromit – A Close Shave
1996 Pamela Anderson – Barb Wire
1999 The Matrix – Carrie Anne Moss

1993-Jean-Claude-Van-Damme_Nowhere-To-Run_01 1993-Jean-Claude-Van-Damme_Nowhere-To-Run_02

1995-Wallace-and-Gromit_A-Close-Shave 1996-Pamela-Anderson-Barb_Wire-02

1999-The_Matrix-Trinity_01 1999-The_Matrix-Trinity_02

2000-2009 – In the Movies

2000 Mission Impossible II – Tom Cruise / 2000 Maybe Baby – Hugh Laurie
2002 Now Ladies and Gentlemen – Jeremy Irons / 2002 Laurel Canyon – Frances Mcdormand & Alessandro Nivola
2003 I’ll Be There – Charlotte Church & Craig Ferguson / 2003 How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days – Matthew McConaughey
2003 How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days – Kate Hudson
2004 Torque – Ice Cube / 2008 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett

2000-Tom-Cruise_MI2 2000-Hugh-Laurie-Maybee-Baby

2002-Jeremy-Irons-And-Now-Ladies-And-Gentlemen 2002-Frances-Mcdormand_Alessandro-Nivola-Laurel-Canyon

2003-Charlotte-Church_Craig-Ferguson-Ill-Be-There 2003-How-To-Lose-A-Guy-In-10-Days-Matthew-McConaughey

2003-How-To-Lose-A-Guy-In-10-Days-Kate-Hudson_03 2003-How-To-Lose-A-Guy-In-10-Days-Kate-Hudson_01

2004-Torque_Ice-Cube 2008 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Brad Pitt

. . . I think we’re all embarrassed of Torque.


2010+ – In the Movies

2010 Burlesque – Christina Aguilera
2010 Salt – Angelina Jolie / 2012 Safe House – Ryan Reynolds

2010-christina-aguilera-Burlesque-01 2010-christina-aguilera-Burlesque-02

2010-Salt-Angelina-Jolie-01 Ryan Reynolds

The Models upon de Triumphs

Heidi Klum
Milla Jovovich / Naomi Campbell

Heidi-Klum-01 Heidi-Klum-02

Milla-Jovovich naomi-karen-helena-peter-lindbergh-1991-wild-at-heart1


Celebrities – They like us, LOVE their Triumphs

Bob Dylan / Sonny Bono & Cher

Bob-Dylan Sonny-Cher


Elvis Presley / George Clooney



Ewan McGregor / Jeremy Renner

Ewan-McGregor_01 AP Australia The Bourne Legacy

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Prince Harry / Paul McCartney

Prince-Harry_01 Paul-McCartney


Hugh Laurie

hugh-laurie-HOUSE-01 hugh-laurie-HOUSE-02



James May – BBC’s Top Gear

James-May-Top-Gear-01 James-May-Top-Gear-02


Antonio Banderas / Jay Leno

antonio-banderas Jay-Leno



Pink-02 Pink-01


Daniel Day Lewis / Tom Cruise

Daniel-Day-Lewis Tom-Cruise


Rita Heyworth & Edward Turner


. . . Did we miss any? If we did post a link to a photo with info below.



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