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Vespa Scooters Las Vegas –  Choose A Model Below

Freedom Cycle is a full range Vespa Scooter dealer in Las Vegas, NV . We carry a the full range of new Vespa scooters with all models and most colors in stock. Looking for a used Vespa? Check our pre-owned page.

Vespa Service

We offer a full service Vespa scooter repair/ service department. Our qualified scooter mechanics/ technicians will have you back on thee road in no time.


In 1946, Vespa was conceived as a utility two-wheel vehicle and a means of transportation for the entire family. Its subsequent success was an unprecedented phenomenon. Vespa rapidly became a distinctive symbol of Italian style and elegance around the whole world. Today, Vespa continues to inspire passion and loyalty among owners and aficionados. Vespa is the only scooter brand that symbolizes la dolce vita.

LX 50 4V

Modern technology meets timeless Vespa style with sleek smooth lines and lower vehicle emissions thanks to a fast and clean four-valve, four-stroke engine. Grab your bag, stow it in the locked underseat storage, and cross town in style knowing you’re getting up to 90 mpg.

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S 50 4V

Get the best of 1970’s retro Vespa styling with modern technology on the Vespa S 50 4V. This 50cc model is quick off the start and runs clean and fast thanks to its eco-friendly four-valve engine. And at up to 90 mpg, you’ll spend more time at the beach as you ride right past the pump.

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LX 150 IE

Urban exploration just got a whole lot easier and quicker with the Vespa LX 150 i.e. The LX 150 i.e. is easy to maneuver thanks to a low center of gravity and larger front wheel. Take control and remain comfy on the ergonomically-designed seat as you get over 70 mpg and go up to 59 mph.

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S 150 IE 

Fabulous seventies-style details combined with an electronic fuel-injected engine will start your day with some extra oomph on the Vespa S 150 i.e.  With its clean essential lines, the S 150 i.e. is a minimalist version of the legendary 1970s models, and proof that the young spirit of Vespa is still very much alive with the latest advanced technology.

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GTS 300 IE

Part of the sporty and fast Vespa GTS family, the GTS 300 i.e. offers legendary elegance with the power to extend that short trip in to a long one. The 278cc engine is the largest, most powerful engine in the Vespa family, topping out at 80 mph and 70 mpg.

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GTS 300 IE Super

What’s super fast, super spacious, super agile, but best of all, super fun? The Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super. Like the GTS 300 i.e., this sporty Vespa brings the most powerful, technologically-advanced engine to the iconic Vespa design that has been perfected in Italy since 1946.

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LXV 150 IE 

Classic vintage Vespa elements are re-interpreted on the Vespa LXV 150 i.e.  Don’t be fooled by good looks however – the LXV doesn’t shortchange substance in the pursuit of style.  An electronic fuel-injected engine that gets up to 75 mpg offers a ride that is as smooth and quick as it looks.

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GTV 300 IE 

Book a last minute adventure you won’t forget when you get there on your Vespa GTV 300 i.e. Featuring vintage-inspired details like naked handlebars, a saddle separate for rider and passenger, and a headlamp on the front mudguard, it may feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Once you experience the GTV 300 i.e.’s acceleration, automatic transmission, and speeds up to 80 mph, you’ll know you’re getting today’s top-of-the-line technology.

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S 50/150 Sport SE 

Get your retro fix with the style, comfort, safety and sportiness of the most widely recognized scooter in the world. The Vespa S Sport SE, available in 50cc and 150cc engine sizes, brings out the sport spirit of legendary Vespas of the past with its minimalist aesthetic but high performance – neither of which ever go out of style.

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GTS 300 Super Sport

The Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super Sport SE is a blend of character and performance that pays homage to sporty models in Vespa’s history. The 300cc engine brings out maximum performance, allowing for speeds up to 80 mph and gas mileage up to 70 mpg. But it is sport elements like the rear fairing graphics and a sport saddle with white piping that will distinguish you as you cruise through city roads.

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